Veg-tastic Vendors to Visit PLANT FEST

What to Know

  • Sunday, March 31

  • $4 farm entry; food extra

  • Parking is free

Whether the final Sunday of March 2019 is to be widely deemed as “warm,” “warmish,” or “pretty dang hot for a spring day” is up to the beholder, but let’s get to it: It’s not going to be wintry out, not in the least.

March 31 will be, in fact, a true SoCal-style get-out-and-be-out kind of occasion, with temperatures toasting up into the 80s in many spots.

Which means this: Standing in a sunbeam while chowing down on a flavorful and healthy lunch feels as right as a strawberry is sweet.

And speaking of strawberries, that ultimate go-to for strawberry tours, Tanaka Farms, is hosting the perfect plant-tastic party on Sunday, March 31. It is, in fact, PLANT FEST, meaning that several foodstuffs built solely around plants will be available for purchase.

Purchase, and then eating, because that’s what you’ll immediately want to do.

Over two dozen vendors’ll be on the grounds of the Irvine agra-destination, with cooking demos and chances to join a “carnival”-like game also on the list.

Getting in? It’s four bucks, and parking is free, but you’ll want to have money on hand for your meal and such. 

Plus, what if you’d like to leave with a lot of strawberries? That, too, will take funds, fruit lovers.

This feels like the season o’ vegan food fests, although, truly, such a season lasts all year long ’round this region, and hooray to that.

If you like your vegan munchery to coincide with a warm Sunday, a farm with history, and the chance to load up on veggies and berries for your home kitchen, PLANT FEST is your next stop.

Don’t forget the sunscreen, a floppy hat, and, of course, your appetite.

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