OC Zoo's 'Star Wars' Day Zooms Back for Galactic Good Times

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 22

  • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • $2 admission; $5 parking

Tasked with naming your favorite “Star Wars” animal, as in which scaly and/or furry superstar would you pick as your ultimate on-screen critter?

Would you choose a Tauntaun? A Bantha? The darling Dewback, with its prehistoric armor and super-sweet eyes?

Honestly, we don’t want to have to choose, because every squawking, mooing, and tusk-rocking character from the vast universe o’ “Star Wars” possesses panache.

But it isn’t often, outside of the films, that “Star Wars”-based fandom and furry cuties get to pair up. Unless, of course, you happen to attend “Star Wars” Day at the OC Zoo, in Orange, where a lot of tots wear their favorite Finn, Rey, and Chewbacca get-ups, all to enjoy a day of out-of-this-world to-dos.

So throw your ship into lightspeed and make for Irvine Regional Park on Saturday, June 22.

If your kid is one of the first 100 young’uns sporting a costume, they’ll receive a ticket for a free ride on the Irvine Park Railroad, which is close to the zoo. Also? A “special gift” is in store for that same costume-rocking early group.

As for the “out-of-this-world to-dos,” mentioned earlier? The zoo promises “‘Star Wars’ fun, kids’ crafts, games, and photo opportunities.”

There’ll be “meet-and-greets” with some of the zoo’s residents, which is as cool as a Hoth.

Cooler, even.

For sure, there are lots of adult events for “Star Wars” fans, and yay for that, but a happening geared for the younger Wookiees and droids among us? It’s a bit harder to find.

Entry is $2, for guests 3 or older, and parking is five bucks. (Yep, little ones 2 and under are admitted for free.)

No word on whether they’ll be room for your Landspeeder at the OC Zoo parking lot, so best arrive in an earthbound vehicle, if possible.

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