MLB FoodFest Pitches Other Teams' Eats to LA

Stadium-hopping? The chance to say you’ve covered every MLB landmark there is to cover? Catching a Major League Baseball game at every single famous ballpark in the country? Oh yes, it is a dream of countless baseball buffs. But that dream isn’t solely about visiting the various stadiums, but dining next to the iconic diamonds, too.

But what if much of that famous food could come to you, or at least Los Angeles? It can, and shall, over the final weekend of April. That’s when the MLB FoodFest presented by Budweiser will visit the Magic Box in DTLA.

For sure, this is the popular festival’s LA debut (it began in New York in 2018). And, for sure again, a line-up of much-loved foods from various stadiums will be there for the trying, in substantial sample form. In fact, 33 Clubs each chose a representative entry, based on regional classics as well as fan favorites. So you know you’ll be eating your way around the stadiums, authentically, while never leaving LA.

What eats are we talking about here? Think Dilly Dog (hello Texas Rangers) to Chesapeake Waffle Fries (hey there, Baltimore Orioles), mmm and mmm. What do we mean by “substantial sample”? You’ll enjoy half-sized portions of what you’ll find at the stadiums (so, yeah, they’ll still be way, way filling).

Tickets go on sale to the general public on April 3. Price? Pay $45 for 8 food items and a trio of beers or $75 for 33 food items and three beers.

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