'Game of Thrones' Pop-up to Bewitch Hollywood

There are a lot of different woods that are wandered through in “Game of Thrones,” but there may be no wood on the planet as enchanting, fabled, and complex as Hollywood. Thus it feels like the perfect plot twist for the stories of the Seven Kingdoms to find a pop-up home, for much of April, at a Tinseltown tavern. A tavern, by the by, that’s become known for its way-cool devotion to whimsy and Wookiees over the last couple of years.

Indeed, it is Scum & Villainy Cantina we’re talking about, and while you may have become accustomed to encountering the occasional droid within the destination’s colorful walls, you just may meet a dragon soon. For a “Game of Thrones” overlay is just ahead for the space, a place that isn’t solely devoted to “Star Wars” but all sorts of genre-amazing properties (so, yep, nerd-nice fans of all sorts of things are welcome at the whimsy-loving location). And next up? You GoT it: It’s “Game of Thrones.”

Indeed, the hugely huge fantasy phenomenon is entering its final season on HBO starting on April 14, so bet plenty of buffs’ll be discussing all during their visit to the bar. But what’s immediately ahead for the “Game of Thrones” event, which will hold court for a bulk of the fourth month of the year 2019? Gaze into our futureglass now, if you will, for a peek at the magical renderings…

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