'Come and Play with Us,' Says a Scary New Pop-up

Watching a fright film? You may have your couch to sink into, your bowl of popcorn on your lap (a buffer between you and the screen), and perhaps a good friend’s arm to hold. But entering the world of the film? Where horror homages run rampant and scary scenarios are ripe for taking snapshots? Well, you may still need a friend’s arm to grab as you make your brave way through, or perhaps the arms of several friends.

For I Like Scary Movies, a fresh and frightful pop-up from the monster-loving mind of the artist Maximillian, opens on Wilshire Boulevard, in the mid-city, on Thursday, April 4. The limited-time pop-up scare-abrates, we mean celebrates, a quintet of classic eek flicks from both Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, including “The Shining,” “It,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Beetlejuice,” and “The Lost Boys.” And, for sure: It is all made for the picture-taking, so go for it, with your Jack Torrance poses and your Pennywise grins.

Dare you step inside? Tickets are available now, but don’t wait; these shadowy spaces’ll go poof before the bright days of summer arrives.

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