Chase: 5 Fwy standoff continues after erratic pursuit ends, lanes shut down

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) — A wild and dramatic chase turned into a tense and dangerous standoff in the middle of the 5 Freeway in Burbank Friday night.

The suspect led police on the reckless chase initially through the Sunland-Tujunga area, swerving on roads and attempting to hit several cars, including patrol vehicles.

At one point, the suspect slammed into patrol SUVs behind and in front of him after stopping in the middle of the road in the Sun Valley area.

Vehicles were hit by the suspect in head-on collisions as the driver would drive off, travel on the wrong side of roads and ram through gas stations. In one incident, the driver hit a pickup truck and drove onto the sidewalk.

The driver also sharply swerved several times while on open roads. While on Glenoaks Boulevard, he briefly stopped and appeared to brandish a knife out of the drivers side window.

After recklessly driving on surface streets, the suspect began traveling on the wrong direction on the northbound lanes of the 5 Freeway in the Sun Valley area as police attempted to stop the suspect.

While on the freeway, the driver attempted to split two vehicles and came to a stop after hitting the cars. Officers approached the suspect vehicle with guns drawn. Officers shot at the suspect before the collision. It’s unclear whether the suspect was struck by gunfire.

Surrounding drivers were evacuated from their cars as the suspect remained cornered in the car.

Details regarding what led to the chase were not immediately known.

DEVELOPING: We will add more details to this report as they become available.

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